How To Create A Shortcut To Your Favourite Font In Word 2003

If you would like to use the Comic Sans MS font in your Word documents, but you’d rather not navigate the long list of fonts in the Formatting toolbar every time you need to use it, here’s a tip for you to use a shortcut to your favourite font in Word.

Rather than clicking through the toolbars and menus to find your favorite font, you can create a keyboard shortcut–and never have to search for the font again. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to Tools | Customize.
  2. On the Commands tab, click the Keyboard button.
  3. Under Categories, click Fonts.
  4. Under Fonts, click Comic Sans MS.
  5. Put your cursor in the Press New Shortcut Key text box.
  6. Press [Alt]CS.
  7. Click the Assign button.
  8. Click Close twice.

Now when you want to apply the Comic Sans MS font to your text, select the text and press [Alt]CS.

Note that these shortcut keys may be adapted to whichever key you wish—not just those chosen here–but take care not to use a shortcut combination that has already been assigned, such as for Replace, Paste, and Find.

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