When To Get A Server For Your Office?

Everytime I went to visit a new customer for consultation visit, and probably after less than half an hour of chi-chatting and discussion, my mind starts to work separately on its own and a thought keeps echoing in my head;

“… how did they managed to work till today …”

“… how did they managed to work till today …”

“… how did they managed to work till today …”

“… how did they managed to work till today …”

No, it’s not that I’m not paying attention to what they are saying. No, I do not have any doubt in their business acumen and no, I do not have any doubt in the working efficiencies of the management and staffs.

I just do not understand how are they able to work with multiple copies of probably the same data, and may be a few revised one which no one knows who is holding the latest copy, how that they are able to collaborate just via email and probably thumb drive transfer of data, and worst, who is actually doing the backup of the data?

When I express my doubts and my questions to them, few of them will be looking at each other for a short while, and then some will start to explain how their system works and at this very moment, another staff will look very surprised and say “No… I thought you are doing it the other way…” and so forth.

At this very moment, everybody begin to look even more surprised and some starts to panic and asked “What happened to our system??”

The fact is, probably there is nothing wrong with the system, it’s just that they might be outdated in today’s fast-moving business pace, and probably they are not using correct technology to harness the power of todays’ business technology.

Sometimes, a simple solution to them is to get a server. That’s it.

So, when is it for you to get a server?

Well, for a basic thumb of rule, you can consider getting a server when the following conditions are applied to your office:-

  • You have two or more computers in your business that you need to connect.
  • You need to save money by sharing equipment and resources such as printers, fax machines, and Internet connectivity.
  • When To Get A Server For Your Office?You need to protect business information and your network from unauthorized users.
  • You need a reliable process to back up information.
  • You need to access company information and resources while away from the office.
  • You need to store, access, and share information in one central location.
  • You need to manage different versions of files.
  • You need to easily schedule group meetings and communicate efficiently with colleagues.
  • You need a tool to share ideas and information with your colleagues.
  • You need to present a professional image and manage your customer relationships more effectively.

If you happen to meet any one of the above conditions, you can start planning to get one then. Contrary to popular myths, getting a server does not need to break an arm or leg. Feel free to contact us for your non-obligatory consultation and we’ll be able to assist you further.

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