Why You Should Outsource Your I.T. To Professionals?

All businesses need constant help and support to maintain and manage their I.T. infrastructure, usually in-house or outsourced to a third-party.

Small businesses neither have the luxury, nor the necessity, to employ an in-house I.T. administrator to take care of their computer network, and therefore, the job is usually “appointed” to one of the staffs as his/her secondary job role.

However, the problem with this arrangement is that the particular staff will be spending most of his working hours meddling the computers and networks, flipping through manuals and researching through the Internet, spending considerable amount of time to fulfill his secondary role and yet unintentionally neglecting his primary job.

This kind of arrangement does not help the company to save any cost, but in fact, it is eating up the company’s main income resources and efficiency. Furthermore, due to the lack of experience, the staff might not be able to visualize the growth path of the organization’s I.T. infrastructure, and may procure hardware and software solutions that may solve the current problem, but yet do not cater for the future growth.

A picture tells a thousand word, so to see the difference between professionals and amateurs, look at the pictures below:-

Professionals vs Amateurs

Professionals vs Amateurs

Professionals vs Amateurs

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