SymantecSymantec is a global leader in providing software, appliances, and services to help individuals, small and mid-sized businesses, and large enterprises assure the security, availability, and integrity of their most important asset — information.

Enterprises and consumers need to keep their infrastructures up and running 24×7. They need to be able to access information anytime and anywhere. That means that their critical systems must be up and running all the time.

Therefore, it is important that they protect the physical systems, the operating environments, and the applications – across all tiers of their infrastructure. They must protect a broad range of information types – from email to business documents to digital photos to audio and video files. And, they must ensure that the interactions – the connections, the collaborative environments, and the movement of data while in use – are protected.

Symantec is focused on helping customers protect their infrastructures, their information, and their interactions.

Headquartered in Cupertino, Calif., Symantec has operations in 40 countries.

Symantec is leading the consumer industry with “Security 2.0″, the company’s vision for delivering end-to-end security for consumers and rebuilding confidence online. With Security 2.0, Symantec is focused on securing increasingly sensitive online consumer interactions, such as financial transactions and instant messaging, as well as increasingly malicious threats and crimeware. Symantec will deliver on this vision over the next several years via a combination of consumer client-side technologies, online infrastructure and key partnerships. Recently announced products like Norton Confidential, which will include new transaction security, and Norton 360, a new all-in-one subscription service, are first steps.

Symantec’s Norton brand of consumer security solutions delivers Internet security and problem-solving capabilities to individual users, home offices, and small businesses. The Norton brand of products is a market leader in desktop protection, with integrated products that work seamlessly to protect customers’ computers from virus outbreaks and malicious attacks.

Internet Security Solutions help defend home and home office users against viruses, worms, and other security risks. These solutions include spyware, spam, and personal firewall protection for PCs, Macintosh® computers, and mobile devices.

System Performance Solutions help users prevent and resolve computer problems.

Backup and Recovery Solutions provide consumers with tools to undo computer malfunctions and safeguard their important data.

Remote PC Solutions allow users to manage remote computers securely.

Symantec Enterprise Security

Symantec provides enterprise security solutions for all network tiers: the gateway, the server, and the client level, including PCs, laptops, and handhelds.

Antivirus Solutions offer critical protection at the gateway, server, and client tiers against known and unknown threats.

Antispam Solutions filter spam and other undesired messages at the gateway and are critical to an overall email security solution.

Integrated Client Security Solutions are designed to ensure enterprise client systems are safe by providing comprehensive, proactive protection against blended threats, spyware, unauthorized network access, and other attacks.

Integrated Gateway Security Solutions are easy to manage, multifunction security appliances designed to provide fully integrated, layered security at the network gateway.

Intrusion Protection Solutions monitor systems for patterns of misuse and abuse and can warn organizations before systems or information is compromised.

Managed Security Services provide a comprehensive array of outsourced security management, monitoring, and response services to help organizations solve security problems cost effectively. Managed Security Services allow organizations to leverage the knowledge of Symantec’s Internet security experts to protect the value of their networked assets and infrastructure.

Policy Compliance Management Solutions help customers define, manage, and enforce policies from a central location as well as probe for network vulnerabilities and suggest remedies to proactively reduce business risk.

Security Management Solutions provide a comprehensive solution for the consolidation of security events, the containment of security threats, and the centralization of security policy enforcement. These products are built on an open, interoperable framework that enables Symantec products to work together with third party solutions to provide secure, manageable, and scalable enterprise security.

Threat and Early Warning Systems provide customized and comprehensive alerts of impending cyber attacks worldwide – with countermeasures to prevent attacks before they occur – enabling companies to mitigate risk, manage threats, and help ensure business continuity.

Symantec Enterprise Availability

Symantec offers products for backup and recovery of data and systems, optimizing storage resource utilization, simplifying administration of heterogeneous environments, and providing continuous availability of mission-critical applications and data.

Application Performance Management products optimize the performance and availability of enterprise applications.

Data Management Solutions are designed to protect, backup, archive, and restore data across a broad range of computing environments – from large corporate data centers to remote groups and desktop and laptop computers. The products integrate to provide solutions to manage data throughout its lifecycle – from creation to disposal, onsite and offsite, across all levels of storage hierarchy – including disk, tape, and optical storage media.

Infrastructure Management Solutions allow customers to manage virtually any function at any point in the lifecycle of their computing systems and devices. Solutions include network auto-discovery and IT asset management, operating system provisioning and application deployment, ongoing security updates and configuration management, rapid system recovery, de-provisioning, and help desk remote control.

Data Center Management Solutions help organizations gain control, improve service levels, and drive down costs within complex data center environments. These technologies deliver storage automation, virtualization, replication, high-availability clustering, server provisioning, and server management software across heterogeneous storage and server platforms.

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