IT And Accounting Outsourcing

We provide IT and accounting staff outsourcing, either permanent, temporary and also for short term projects.

The needs of organizations are ever changing, and we understand the necessity of operational flexibility and high service deliverance. Every organization is always facing the same problem of staffing and training for new staffs. All this translate into extra cost for the organization and reduce the productivity and efficiency of the organization.

For SMEs, sometimes you might find that your business transaction might not be much enough to employ a full-time staff to take care of your, say, accounts department.

You have a choice of :-

  1. doing it yourselves
    • but that will only constraint your time to get more sales, and working after hours, hey, you’re not a machine !!
  2. employ full-time staff
    • but business transactions might not be enough so much so that your staff might feel bored!
    • you also need to take care of training, calculating salary, overtime, CPF, sick leave, annual leave….

When comes to this situation, outsourcing is the best choice:-

  1. no worries of low business transaction
    • no work, no pay to us – giving you a better control on your budgets
  2. no worries of staff problems
    • that will be our problem!! – You just make sure that we are there to finish our job, and to put you in peace of mind, we even draft a contract between your organization and ours!
  3. no worries about salary, CPF, OT and etc
    • as mentioned, that is our problem and nothing for you to worry about…

Need more details? Contact us and we’ll draft a perfect solution just for you.

If you are still not convinced, why not take a look at our blog post.

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