System Integration

Business is growing and need to get more staffs and PCs?
How to connect all PCs and notebooks together so that you can share your data and reduce data duplication?
Is it really necessary to buy a new printer for every new PC to purchase?
Is there a way to cut down on the cost for all the software?

If these are the questions you’re asking, we have the answer for you.

Our experienced consultants will analyze your requirements, access the current hardware and software which you’ve purchase, and propose the right solution just so to integrate them in order to facilitate your applications.

On top of it, we’ll educate you on the current trend of technology and provide full guidance to you just so to ensure that the money you spend today will not go down the drain tomorrow.

What is a server?
What is a router?
Why do I need a firewall when I have a router?
Do we really need antivirus software?

If that’s your questions, we’ll see to the point that you’ll be able to answer them YOURSELVES!!

Now that’s call CUSTOMER EDUCATION !!!

And that’s what we’ll provide when you enlist our help to integrate your systems.

Is our systems secured?
Are we protected from hackers and viruses?
Can I access my office server from home, or our branches, or even from another country?

Take the first step. Contact us and we’ll meet up with you for a thorough discussion. No obligation.

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