Malicious Worm Hiding In PDF File Send In Spam Mails

We’ve detected a spam attack today that spreads as an email and tricks our customer into opening a malicious PDF file, which in tandem with an embedded VBScript may penetrate a victim’s computer and drop a so-called WORM and rootkit components.


Computer Virus Masqueraded As UPS And DHL Delivery Failure

Since I’m receiving these emails, I’ll presume that everybody will be receiving too, either sooner or later, but definitely will be, and therefore I’m writing this post to alert everybody about it. Please ensure that your system is protected with an anti-virus software and that it is updated to the latest version with the latest virus definition file.


Free McAfee Internet Security Software For All Facebook Users

McAfee, the wold’s leading dedicated security company, and Facebook announced an unprecedented collaboration in which McAfee will offer for FREE their flagship McAfee Internet Security to all of Facebook 350 million users, irregardless of your country of origin and irregardless whether you are a previous McAfee customer or not.


10 Steps To Protect Yourselves On A Public Computer

I’ve received a panic call from my customer claiming that someone might have hacked into his system and sending out emails without his knowledge.


Computer Virus Appears Originated From US CDC

This email masquerades itself as if originated from US CDC (United States, Center for Disease Control) and is capable of planting lots of malwares into your computer system, thereby creating unwanted havoc and security issues.

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